The Real (and Often Overlooked) Estate Planning Issues

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TRO Newsletter, August, 2018 


The Real (and Often Overlooked) Estate Planning Issues


What is your primary goal with estate planning? When asked, you may answer with this: “To pay as little tax as possible.” After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, less than 1 in 10,000 decedents’ estates, or 0.0001%, will owe federal estate taxes. […]

Financial Terms Made Simple

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Glossary of financial terms to make understanding wealth management easier.


Accrued Interest– The amount credited to a bond or other fixed-income security between the date of the last payment and the date when the security is sold, or any intermediate date.  The buyer usually pays the seller the security’s price plus the accrued interest.

Asset Allocation– In […]

TRO Newsletter – July 2016 Negate Probate: Settling an Estate using a Trust

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Probate is a hassle in many states, so trusts give us an alternative, more private manner in which to distribute the assets of a decedent. Here, we will take a chronological walk through of the estate settlement process and the critical elements of state law and document language that need to be addressed. Estates are […]