6 Reasons you should consider a trust

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6 reasons you should consider a trust

Trusts can help you control your assets and build a legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Trusts can help pass and preserve wealth efficiently and privately.
  • Trusts can help reduce estate taxes for married couples.
  • Gain control over distribution of your assets by […]

How to Mess Up Your Plan

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How to Mess Up Your Plan

We talk a lot about good planning and how to do it, but sometimes it helps to learn lessons from the mistakes of others, and try not to fall into the same traps. History can be a great teacher, and those of us in the business hear lots of […]

Trust Services Webinar: Dysfunction Junction: The Real Issue in Estate Planning – Family Dynamics

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So much attention is placed on tax planning and investment results, partly because they are
quantifiable and thus easier to compare. But the real purpose of the estate plan is to carry out
the wishes of the Settlor.  Regardless of the fact that few estates owe estate tax anymore, the
need for estate planning […]

He Did WHAT?!?: Ethics in the Estate Plan

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In this session on Ethics we will examine the ethical side of our role as trustee and
investment advisor to the trust.
Ethics play a major role in the life of a Fiduciary. Control of lots of money,
clients sometimes not fully aware, related parties exercising influence, and other advisors
behaving badly.

Trust Services Webinar: Show Me The Money: Investing for Different Types of Trusts

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In this session we will examine fiduciary investing, its common law rules, expansion or limitation
by the document, and changes under state law to glean insights into issues affecting the
investment decisions, documentation, and areas of liability. Using the Uniform Prudent Investor
Act as a guide, we will examine the thought process, considerations, documentation […]

Trust Services Webinar: Getting Granny’s Gold: IRS Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

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Every year the IRS publishes a list of common scams they see. We should be aware of, protect
our clients against, and be able to warn people of the biggest and most common scams. This is
a classic area for elder financial abuse.
1 Hour CE Credit for attendees

Trust Services Webinar: Negate Probate: Settling an Estate using a Trust

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Probate is a hassle in many states, so trusts give us an alternative, more private manner in
which to distribute the assets of a decedent. In this session we will take a chronological walk
through of the estate settlement process and the critical elements of state law and document
language that need to be […]

Trust Services Webinar: Generation Skipping Without Skipping a Generation

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This program will explore the Generation Skipping Transfer Tax treatment of accounts and the
misunderstandings as well as opportunities created in the tax laws.
Topics include:
What to identify upon account acceptance, what to discuss with clients and beneficiaries, which
accounts are affected, and how we communicate the advantages of Dynasty Trusts […]

Trust Services Webinar: E-Trustee Harmony: How to Select the Right Trustee

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Selecting the right executor and trustee is a big decision facing everyone creating an estate
plan. Putting some thoughtful consideration into the choice can make all the difference in the
success or failure of the plan and how the beneficiaries feel about it. Choosing a trustee is often
not considered deeply enough, and here […]

Trust Services Webinar: Get Outta Here!: Getting Capital Gains out of Trusts

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Capital gains is generally taxed to the trust and not passed out with DNI. Given the current rates
of taxation and the potential tax rate differences between the trust and the beneficiary, it is time
we consider ways to shift capital gain out of the trust for significant savings opportunities.
1 Hour CE […]

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