Five Changes Americans Could See in Their 401(k)s, IRAs by Anne Tergesen of the WSJ

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Anne Tergesen

The Wall Street Journal

July 20, 2018

In addition to giving annuities a greater role in 401(k) plans as part of its proposals to tweak the U.S. retirement system, Congress is considering provisions that could serve to expand workers’ access to retirement-savings plans and make it easier for savers to tap their accounts in case […]

Portability: Weird and Wonderful

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Portability: Weird and Wonderful


The simplicity and complexity of portability often creates unintended consequences. Let’s discuss how to steer clear of traps for the unwary and anticipate the credit to come as we seek to understand the nuances of one of the newest features of the estate tax law. Optimizing the use of the Deceased Spousal […]

Getting Granny’s Gold

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TRO Newsletter – August 2016

Getting Granny’s Gold

While anyone can fall for these schemes, elder financial abuse has become a big problem. The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse provides information to help avoid such abuse and spot such abuse when perpetrated on others such as family, friends, neighbors, and clients. Forms of abuse […]

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