The Number One Mistake People Make in Estate Plans

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 Estate planning is complex, but the number one mistake people make is actually quite simple. Perhaps so simple that it is overlooked: Coordinating the title of assets with the plan. After years of meeting with clients, estate planners agree this is a consistent theme. It can be disturbing how often the assets do not seem […]

6 Reasons you should consider a trust

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6 reasons you should consider a trust

Trusts can help you control your assets and build a legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Trusts can help pass and preserve wealth efficiently and privately.
  • Trusts can help reduce estate taxes for married couples.
  • Gain control over distribution of your assets by […]

TRO Newsletter – July 2016 Negate Probate: Settling an Estate using a Trust

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Probate is a hassle in many states, so trusts give us an alternative, more private manner in which to distribute the assets of a decedent. Here, we will take a chronological walk through of the estate settlement process and the critical elements of state law and document language that need to be addressed. Estates are […]

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