College Savings Plan Options

Examines the benefits of tax-deferral & tax-free withdrawals for higher education. Also addresses who can contribute and how much.

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Know Your Retirement Options

How much money you will really need for a comfortable retirement and what does that mean for saving today? Which type of Retirement Plan is right for you? The benefits and differences between a 401k plan, SEP IRA, Roth IRA & Traditional IRA, and how to know which one might be a good fit for you.

For more information or to request a speaker, please contact us at or call 619-491-0225.

Investing Basics

What is Compound Interest and how does it work? What are the trade-off between investment risk and potential return? What’s the Rule of 72? What is the S&P 500?

Legacy Planning

How to create your own unique lasting legacy and why it is so important to your loved ones.

Financial Planning and Ethics

This presentation meets the requirements of the 2 hour Ethics CE requirements of the Board of Certified Financial Planning. Learning objectives include: learning the material elements of financial planning, demonstrating an understanding of the elements of a written plan, and defining elements of the fiduciary standard as it applies to financial planning. This program has been filed with the CFP Board by The Efficient

The Mockery of a “mock SEC audit”

SEC registered investment advisers are required to conduct annual reviews of their business operations and practices. Proof of these reviews is a key item for SEC examiners. Many compliance review firms offer services to provide RIAs with professional evaluations for meeting the “annual review” requirements. In some cases, these reviews are promoted as “mock SEC audits” often requiring additional fees and in some cases offering “attorney-client privilege” protection of the review. Based upon Mr. Wheeler’s personal experience, this presentation exposes the truth about “mock SEC audits,” reviews the actual requirements for SEC registered investment advisers, and provides guidance on how to protect oneself from paying too much for unnecessary services.

Wealth Management – Delivering on the Promise

“Wealth Management” is not just a title, it’s a process. It means knowing more about your clients and taking on new responsibilities. It means finding an efficient way to work with other advisors, manage the process and provide feedback. Without the right technology, this is a daunting task. Technology frees advisors to have more face time with clients. Advisors who spend 60% or more of their time with clients earn six times more than advisors who spend 30% or less. Advisors are being asked to do more for their clients – to be the client’s wealth manager. Without the right tools, this can be challenging and non-profitable. This presentation reviews the evolution and reasons for wealth management and provides advisors techniques on how they can deliver on the promise of being their client’s “comprehensive wealth manager.”

Firm of the Future – The Virtual Office

Efficiency is now virtual. Cloud based computing provides process options not dreamed of a few years ago. This presentation for professionals is on the use of web services to provide comprehensive services and improve client/advisor data integration (to create the virtual office). Based on Mr. Wheeler’s white paper “An Industry in Transition – Adoption of the Family Office Model” and the Global Practice Network website and business model, it provides professionals with an understanding of the tools available for implementing a virtual office and issues to be aware of in considering the establishment of a Virtual Office.

Collaboration – Why it isn’t working and what you can do about it

Collaboration means the act of working together. For years wealth advisor professionals have talked about working together. In reality, few do. This presentation discusses the advantages of collaborative work for clients and advisors. It reviews the inhibitors to effective collaboration. Why do attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, financial planners and others not work together? What benefits would they and their clients realize if they truly embraced a collaborative model. And, how new technologies can help overcome inhibitors to collaboration. This presentation may be customized for individual groups (such as a law firm).

Activities, Things, & Dreams – A New Way of Planning

Transaction based planning misses the point. Money and the things it buys are only by-products of the meaning of our lives. This presentation educates advisors on the process of helping clients fulfill their life goals by focusing on dreams and bringing their activities and things in line with their dreams. This presentation presents a simple process to help clients develop their life plans based upon building passion and clarity to fulfill their dreams. Based upon Mr. Wheeler’s experience with his own clients and his soon to be released book, Activities, Things, & Dreams, this program can be customized for advisor or end client audiences.