3 Reasons Why Investors Are Eyeing Emerging Markets

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They’re increasingly attractive to investors willing to accept higher risk Main Points Emerging markets stock prices are rising in anticipation of better global economic growth. Investor risk appetite is increasing and the region provides an [...]

When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits

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  If you are not currently receiving Social Security benefits, WFA Wealth Managers is pleased to assist you in developing an optimized claiming strategy.  All we need to get started is a copy of your [...]

How to Handle Market Declines

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An Article by Capital Ideas This article was originally published on June 29, 2016. It has been updated with 2017 figures and additional information. 7 ways to fight fear with facts You wouldn’t be human [...]

If You Want Your Grandchildren to Inherit Some of Your Money by: Glen Ruffenach of the WSJ

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If you are considering leaving your grandchildren money, experts say to keep your children in the loop. By:  Glenn Ruffenach There is one possible downside to being a generous grandparent: Your children may view bequests [...]

Why Is It So Cool to Be Gloomy? by: Matt Ridley of the WSJ

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Has the percentage of the world population that lives in extreme poverty almost doubled, almost halved or stayed the same over the past 20 years? When the Swedish statistician and public health expert Hans Rosling [...]

What’s a QCD- and Why Taxpayers Need to Know the Answer Now by Glenn RUffenach of the WSJ

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What’s a QCD—and Why Taxpayers Need to Know the Answer Now Thanks to tax-law changes, qualified charitable distributions are more attractive than ever for IRA holders By Glenn Ruffenach Sept. 23, 2018 10:02 p.m. ET [...]