Financial Terms Made Simple

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Glossary of financial terms to make understanding wealth management easier.


Accrued Interest– The amount credited to a bond or other fixed-income security between the date of the last payment and the date when the security is sold, or any intermediate date.  The buyer usually pays the seller the security’s price plus the accrued interest.

Asset Allocation– In […]

Schwab Market Perspective: Navigating the Changing Market

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Market Update by Kenneth Frost, CIO

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After reaching an all-time high on Friday January 26, the stock market has endured two weeks of declines amid volatile trading that has seen wild daily price swings and taken the major indices into correction territory, declining 10% or more from their peaks.  It appears that investors have abruptly shifted their focus from worrying about […]

How to Mess Up Your Plan

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How to Mess Up Your Plan

We talk a lot about good planning and how to do it, but sometimes it helps to learn lessons from the mistakes of others, and try not to fall into the same traps. History can be a great teacher, and those of us in the business hear lots of […]

TRO Newsletters for December 1st

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TRO Newsletter, December 2015 – Client


Planning Ideas for Estates under $10 Million

Let’s face it, most people no longer owe estate tax. With an estate tax free amount of $5 million indexed for inflation, $10million for couples, less than two-tenths of one percent of Americans will owe estate tax. This brings estate planning for most people […]

Security Breach

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Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Heartbleed, and Internet Explorer.  What do these all have in common?  They have put your financial wellbeing at risk.  As a victim of the Target data breach, I know what this means.  I have had my credit card, checking and savings, and business checking accounts hacked.  I have had thousands of […]

Security and the Internet

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Recently, Microsoft announced a security flaw in its Internet Explorer browser.  As if Target, the NSA, and Heartbleed were not enough.  At the end of April, Microsoft announced that there was a security flaw in its Internet Explorer (IE) program that allowed hackers to take over computers.  Over the past several months, I have received […]

Internet Security

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Symantec Corporation, the inventors of commercial antivirus software Norton Antivirus, is giving up on antivirus software.  It says that there is no way to totally protect from hackers.  The new is to be quicker to respond when a hacker accesses your.  In light of the Target breach of last year and the Heartbleed security deficiency, […]

Transition Happens

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Remember when you heard someone say, “The only thing that’s constant is change.”  We certainly cannot stop change from happening, but we can plan for some changes that we know will occur and do our best to be ready for changes that may or may not happen.  At WheelerFrost we call that Transition Planning.

Some the […]

Dissatisfied or Frustrated?

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There are many reasons to seek the counsel of a professional.  Your interest might be improving in a recreational sports activity or something more serious that is related to a health condition. You would likely to be looking for someone with training, experience and a track record that puts that person’s reputation at the top […]

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