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If You Want Your Grandchildren to Inherit Some of Your Money by: Glen Ruffenach of the WSJ

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Why Is It So Cool to Be Gloomy? by: Matt Ridley of the WSJ

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Has the percentage of the world population that lives in extreme poverty almost doubled, almost halved or stayed the same over the past 20 years? When the Swedish statistician and public health expert Hans Rosling began asking people that question in 2013, he was astounded by their responses. Only 5% of 1,005 Americans got the […]

Charitable Donation Options After Tax Reform by Paragon Accounting

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Francis Bacon once said, “With charity there is no excess” – a powerful statement that the IRS would amend to add, “but with limitations.” When it comes to charitable donations, you are allowed to deduct 50% of your charitable donations only as an itemized deduction. However, with the recent implementation of the Tax Cuts and […]

Misconceptions About Health Care Costs in Retirement by Rachel Hartman of US News and World Report

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While many Americans are aware that health care expenses will be significant during retirement, it can be tough to decipher exact amounts to set aside for medical treatment. Four out of five workers have not calculated how much they will need for health costs in retirement, according to a 2018 Employee Benefit Research Institute and […]

Setting (Realistic) Financial Goals As a Married Couple by Intuit Real Money Talk

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You probably already spend quite a bit of time talking with your partner about your future together and what you both want out of life. Should you live downtown or move to the suburbs? Two kids or 3.5? Artificial pre-lit tree or a live one with string lights?

It may not seem like it in the […]

Five Changes Americans Could See in Their 401(k)s, IRAs by Anne Tergesen of the WSJ

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Anne Tergesen

The Wall Street Journal

July 20, 2018

In addition to giving annuities a greater role in 401(k) plans as part of its proposals to tweak the U.S. retirement system, Congress is considering provisions that could serve to expand workers’ access to retirement-savings plans and make it easier for savers to tap their accounts in case […]

For Athletes, It’s Double Trouble to Plan for Retirement by Rachel Bachman of the WSJ

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By Rachel Bachman

July 5, 2018 8:00 a.m. ET

Sarah and Ben True don’t take vacations. They don’t buy gifts for each other. They spend freely only on healthy food, which they consider a business expense.

The Trues are professional athletes—Ms. True a triathlete and Mr. True a distance runner. Their frugality is part of a long-term strategy to […]

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