Financial Terms Made Simple by TIAA CREF

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Glossary of Financial Terms to make understanding Wealth Management easier.


Accrued Interest– The amount credited to a bond or other fixed-income security between the date of the last payment and the date when the security is sold, or any intermediate date.  The buyer usually pays the seller the security’s price plus the accrued interest.

Asset Allocation– In […]

Impatient Investors Get Caught in the “Return Gap” A fascinating article about behavioral tendencies in finance.

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Impatient Investors Get Caught in the ‘Return Gap’

By: Derek Horstmeyer for the Wall Street Journal

Investors on average lose 1 to 2 percentage points a year because of behavioral inefficiencies, writes this professor

Dust off your estate plan: 10 common pitfalls to avoid by Kevin Ruth, Head of Wealth Planning and Personal Trust, Fidelity Viewpoints

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Your estate plan should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to meet your needs.

  • – 04/05/2017


Do you remember when you last reviewed your estate plan? If the answer is when you first signed the stack of documents at your attorney’s […]

6 Reasons you should consider a trust

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6 reasons you should consider a trust

Trusts can help you control your assets and build a legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Trusts can help pass and preserve wealth efficiently and privately.
  • Trusts can help reduce estate taxes for married couples.
  • Gain control over distribution of your assets by […]

Client Achievements

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WFA client Hal Forney (age 86) and his daughter Donna, completed the 13 mile Tour de Cure bike ride raising over $2500 for the American Diabetes Association.

Way to go Hal and Donna!

We are very proud of […]

Schwab Market Perspective: Navigating the Changing Market

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How and Why to Use the Equifax Free Credit Lock

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By BEV O’SHEA of the Wall Street Journal

Equifax has made good on its promise of free, lifelong credit locks after last year’s massive data breach. The reception to its new “Lock & Alert” feature — which lets users simply click or swipe to lock and unlock their credit reports — has been mixed, with seamless […]

Market Update by Kenneth Frost, CIO

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After reaching an all-time high on Friday January 26, the stock market has endured two weeks of declines amid volatile trading that has seen wild daily price swings and taken the major indices into correction territory, declining 10% or more from their peaks.  It appears that investors have abruptly shifted their focus from worrying about […]

Stock Market Didn’t Get Tested, but You Did

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Stop trying to make sense of the stock market.

The one question every investor was asking on Monday has no answer: Why? Why did the Dow Jones Industrial Average close down nearly 1,200 points, or 4.6%?

Market commentators are already arguing that stocks were bound to […]

7 Lessons I learned from tracking my net worth for 14 years

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7 lessons I learned from tracking my net worth for 14 years

  • Jim Wang, Wallet Hacks
  • 20, 2018, 12:10 PM
  • Jim Wang has been tracking his net worth for more than 14 years.
  • In that time, he’s learned a lot of lessons about how to save money, and what the point actually is.
  • He now […]
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